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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 15, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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now. starting you with a view of the sunrise on this wednesday morning. it is september 15th. a cool start to the day but it will be a beauty. we're glad you're with us on this wednesday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. thanks for getting up with us on this very important day. a lot of folks bleary eyed waiting for the results to come in last night. >> and most results not coming in until people were in bed. let's check in with tony for the forecast. >> good morning. i just stepped outside, it's going to be a picture perfect day. current temperatures, 63 degrees in the direct, 55 in baltimore. fredericksberg, virginia, at 56 degrees and in higers town it is 60 degrees at this hour. and here, not a cloud in the sky. clear skies across most of the area and a couple of clouds off
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to the south and east and we do not expect any precipitation today. after a cool start, mostly sunny. normal high would be 80 degrees and we're looking for a eye of 83 in the middle of the afternoon. that's a look at the weather. now another look at this morning's rush hour traffic with julie wright. outer loop had yet another crash as traffic merges from 95 to the outer loop. outer loop delays from college park into silver spring, with 95 flowing south to the parkway. bwi is better source. past 9, the pace improves toward university boulevard. southbound 270 delays, and on and off the brakes from falls road toward the split. in virginia, no change here, northbound 95 jammed up in the main line out of woodbridge leaving the prince william
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parkway. slow traffic in springfield, 395 slow to seminary road. on route 1 delays to 123, traffic slows again toward fort belvoir. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the results are in. vincent gray has won the democratic primary in the race for d.c. mayor. the council mayer chan beat out mayor fenty. with 90% of precincts reporting, matt acland joins us from northwest. >> reporter: it was a long evening for many folks watching this campaign so closely. remember the polls closed at 8:00 last night but we didn't start getting any results until hours later. in fact the board of elections is being criticized for taking just too much time. but right around 2:00 this morning, the chairman vincent
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gray decided it was time to go out and greet his supporters. we have some video of that. he showed up at a local hotel and there were a lot of people cheering for him. 90% of the precincts reporting this morning. just to give you an idea of the numbers, 59,000, right around that, for chairman gray. and then mayor fenty came in right around 50,000 votes. the chairman telling the crowd last night, it's time to get past this campaign and everyone come together in the district and move forward. >> make no mistake, we will work tirelessly to put district residents back to work. [ cheering and applause ] >> and we'll not only tackle the unemployment crisis but we'll give our small business owners the support they need and they want to succeed. >> reporter: we are hearing from the associated press that
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mayor fenty conceded the primary last night. apparently he is expected to call vincent gray sometime this morning. also in our next hour at 8:00, we plan to hear from one of gray's senior advisors about the win and what comes next. steve, back to you. so what is behind the fenty failed attempt at re-election. many say he had become out of touch. fenty had made a last-ditch effort to sway voters, and reached out to president obama who he backed during the presidential campaign but the president did not publicly endorse him. for more analysis, we're joined by dr. lorenzo morris from howard university. good to see you, dr. morris. >> good to be here. >> so surprised by the results last night? >> in some sense i am. but given the last day's polling that gray was able to
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pull it off, but i think in march it would have been impossible for me or others to predict anything like the current outcome. i think it has to be, one, a well organized gray campaign with a lot of influence from the activists of other years. many barry supporters were probably actively supporting gray but a fairly disorganized appeal to a large segment of the voters in ward 7 and 8 that fenty's campaign never managed to overcome. that contrast with a hugely different image of the fenty administration and the campaign from outside of the city that strikes me as well this morning. a different image -- i've observed media apr the world that there is a momentary observation and most of the
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media are astonished. >> what we came to learn through this was vincent gray, you say he nounced, but he didn't make a push until later on. and mayor fenty came out and said he doesn't believe the polls, doesn't follow them or look at them. was it a case of him waiting to long to make a push for himself? >> i don't think so. i think a large part of this goes back to the structure of the administration and that was shown in the campaign. a very individualistic campaign and administration. what some people call consensus building is working with organizations that mobilize voters, whether they are church, communal or civic and this indifference to what we can call intermediate leadership showed up in the campaign and i think showed up in the way voters were mobilized. so it's the style of campaign
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that went well and because it was not well organized and didn't work this year. >> a lot of people wondering if the votes were for gray or if these were votes against fenty. >> that i couldn't tell you. but i certainly think from just observation and the people i've been able to talk to, many of the votes were against fenty from people who felt neglected by the fenty administration. i think that they do -- the administration did things like push for the summer jobs program, but it did it late and people were feeling unemployment as an issue. they did things like pose the stadium before the campaign and then not come through with a resistance to development. and those people felt isolated and neglected and it was hard to turn that around. >> some of the polls said a lot of the voters felt that the city is in a better place now
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than before fenty took office but yet they voted him out of office. is that worrisome as far as the future and does it put more pressure on gray to continue to push things forward. >> i think it does put pressure on him. but we look people to see that as related to the larger community. and i think in d.c., the society is run along different lines but that the improvement will include them. i think many people felt that the improvement excluded them. >> they cast their ballots and voted yesterday. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. and with gray moving on to the mayor's race, we know that the democratic nominee vying to replace him will be kwame brown. he beat out orange who earned 39%. brown is serving as an at-large
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member of the city council. and baker won the race for executive, and won with 44%, beating michael jackson who got 33% and samuel dean with 13%. and we get more now from stacy cohan -- stacy who is live in upper marlboro and is this a big surprise or was it expected yesterday? >> reporter: well i think it was hoped by baker. he's run three times. this is his third effort. he wins points for persistence. who knows if that's why the electorate decided to give him a shot at this job. but there was a big celebration on behalf of his backers. his closest competition this time around was michael jackson who was endorsed by jack
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johnson, but baker defeating michael jackson 44% to 33%. and now baker is already talking about the job ahead. >> we feel really good about where we are right now, the campaign came through. we knew we were doing well in all sections of the county but the most important thing that we talked about add nazi um was creating jobs. i have some great partners so i'm looking forward to it. and i can't wait to get back in here and party with the people who made it happen. >> reporter: and i don't know how long he spent last night, but i know he's up already this morning talking about having a press conference to talk about what is best stacy cohan, fox 5 news. outside of the district, in maryland we'll have the results
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and you can find results from last night's primary election in our area, maryland and d.c. on our website, while there, you can also watch video from campaign head quarters from across the region and you can also find results scrolling at the bottom of your screen. primary elections not just held here. also held in six other states, including new york where the long-serving representative charlie rangel took home the nomination, despite ethics charges. and a live look outside this morning. we'll get the latest forecast from tony. >> you know what that is? that's the cirque du soleil tent. >> i have to get there. and also an update from julie. she has your traffic report. it's 7:11. we'll be right back. 
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almost 7:15 on this wednesday morning. as we take a look from tower cam. a little bit on the cool side for some folk this is morning as temperatures are in the low 60s in a lot of places. but it's going to turn into a real nice wednesday wednesday. >> kind of ridiculous, i'm running to the car because i don't want to put on a jacket yet. i refuse to wear outer wear yet. >> a cool start to the day. it will be warm later on today with temperatures in the 80s once again, so not bad. current conditions reported at reagan national where the current temperature is 62 degrees. we've come down to 62 degrees. everyone is informed now. dulles international 52, bwi marshall is 55 degrees for your current temperature. here are temperatures across the country. for those of you doing
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traveling today and you're wondering, well i'm going to wichita, what is it like there? it's 69 degrees now. 73 in dallas, 58 in san francisco. boston is at 57. current satellite radar, take a look. not a lot to see. rain in the nation's mid section. this time in kansas as it was yesterday and in nebraska, rainfall there. that is a little system moving eastward and we could see some rainfall here tomorrow night into early friday morning. really not looking at a lot of rain but we need whatever we can get. so maybe some of that will come through tomorrow night. high today about 83. wonderful day today. sunshine, humidity will be comfortable. 83 and not bad. tomorrow 85 but clouds build in during the course of the day. rain showers tomorrow night, maybe early on friday. that's it. and then right now the weekend looks good. we're a few days away with
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highs of 80 degrees and plenty of sunshine. >> and i just hold out hope for later today because i listen to your forecast and i know it will be nice and warm. >> it will be pleasant. >> amazing how after the summer we had 80 degrees seems cool. >> i let the dog out this morning and i thought, man, i need a coat. >> i get what you're putting down. >> all right, girl. this morning, it's been busy. outer loop, two separate accidents both cleared to the shoulder. congested from college park toward the exit for georgia avenue. southbound 95 on the brakes from 198. traveling south on 270, jammed up out of germantown headed south to mva. then 370 to 28 and again at the lane divide. 50 westbound in maryland at 197 for another crash reported. this is a live shot of 395 at
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duke street. delays continuing northbound headed up toward seminary road. everything is open, no accidents to report. traveling inbound on 66, still congested in manassas at 28, 50 to 123 and nutley street to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we have more results now from yesterday's primary election. the long anticipated match-up for the maryland gubinatorial race now official. governor martin o'malley won the democratic nod with 76 percent. he will face off against robert ehrlich, defeating brian murphy who rose to prominent after getting sarah palin endorsement. and in maryland barbara mccul ski took more than 80% of the final vote. she's held that senate seat since 1987. and then eric wargots and jim
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rutledge win with 51%. >> and donna edwards beat four challengers. she will face republican robert brontis. steny hoyer easily retained the nomination for the 5th district. he's held that seat since 1981. there you see 85% of the vote. facing him will be charles lollar, beating out his closest opponent by 27%. >> in district 6, andrew duck won the democratic primary and will take on bartlett, who is going for his tenth term in congress. >> and district 8 where advice van hollen won his nomination with 93% of the vote. the race in district 8, the republican primary, still too
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close to call at this point. only 51 votes separating phillips and stern. and there you see philips with a slight lead at this point. in maryland, six other states head to the polls and there were surprising results and including the tea party sending an unknown into the nomination for a delaware seat. and we'll look at why the administration is not planning on backing her coming in november. and the latest on an alleged drunk driving crash that saw an suv crash into an adams morgan restaurant. and then it's a headlong rush into an ecosystem. holly is live with more on the cirque du soleil. >> and more primary results from the direct. thkeac n
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montgomery county police are searching for suspects of a robbery this morning. police got a call of suspects lurking near a home. they fled in a stolen vehicle when officers arrived. so far one person has been arrested. one of the two international students hit by a car in adams morgan last week has died. julia batch liner has died. police say the suspect was
7:25 am
drunk at the time and adams could face charges today. other woman hit is recovering. a frightening robbery in virginia caught on camera. police released this surveillance video hoping for a tip to lead them to a suspect. it happened yesterday afternoon at the hair cutery in ashburn. keep an eye on the man in the hat. he walks into the hair shop pretending to shop but when the employees opened the register, he pulled out a knife. the suspect did get away with all of the cash in the register. fortunately no one was hurt. coming up on fox 5 morning news, we're going to take a closer look at the primary results making an impact on the national scene. >> as we head to break, we'll take a live look outside this morning and get the latest forecast from tony coming up. and julie has traffic for us as well. it's 7:25. today is the day i double down.
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our top story this morning, the primary results now official across the district, maryland and six other states. we have listed those results plus added video from several of the big races online at where you'll find results scrolling across the bottom of your tv screen throughout the morning. >> it's exciting when the whole democratic process works and you see the elected officials. it's an exciting time. so we're happy to bring you those results.
7:29 am
and there was good weather for the folks getting out to the polls. >> it certainly was. today we have even better weather i think. similar to yesterday, except though it won't be quite as breezy and yesterday and we'll have more sun than we did yesterday too. our current temperatures similar to yesterday morning at this time. low 60s in town. 62 right now here in washington. much of the rest of the area in the 50s. leonardtown, our friends there are at 55 degrees. baltimore is 55. dulles international airport is 52 degrees. manassas is at 50. and in martinsberg, west virginia, it is 53 degrees. so there is cool air in place this morning. i'll tell what you is not in place. cloud cover. here is a look at the satellite radar. nothing really to see. there are clouds down to the south and east if you happen to be traveling toward the hampton roads area but even that will pass and move out of the region. we'll have mostly clear skies today. well out to the west across the plains we're seeing rain showers. some of those could make their
7:30 am
way in here by tomorrow night. about a 30-40% chance of that. let's go to the tropics. they are active, boy. now this is a new tropical storm. this is tropical storm karl impacting the youk tan peninsula. there is a storm warning and watches. it is moving northeast and maximum sustained winds 65 mile-per-hour. and igor still posing a threat to bermuda and bears watching. if you have interest in bermuda, keep track of this storm. it is a category four hurricane with maximum sustained winds at 145 miles per hour moving east northeast and again bermuda could be impacted. we'll wait and see towards the weekend. and then we have hurricane julia, not as big as igor but
7:31 am
still quite intense. another category four hurricane. maximum sustained winds 35 mile- per-hour, well out to sea, not causing any problems unless you happen to be in the water at this point. forecast for today, mostly sunny skies. a cool morning but warm afternoon and high of 83 degrees and you'll see the winds diminish from what they were yesterday. and tonight another cool night. about 61 degrees. most of you in the 50s outside of town. partly cloudy and cool, light winds. for your five-day forecast, tomorrow starting with sunshine and clouds build in. could see the rain showers tomorrow night and into the very early morning on friday. 85 for the high. friday will start to clear out the latter half of the day. 80 degrees. right now saturday and sunday look wonderful, beautiful, sunny and highs in the 80s. that's a look at the weather. now more on the morning rush hour traffic from julie wright. the outer loop of the beltway still congested from route 1 college park working into silver spring.
7:32 am
the lanes are now open. traveling along new hampshire avenue before you reach the exit, southbound 95 congested from the icc to the beltway. bw parkway northbound at 197, that's where we have the accident blocking the left lane. 66 close in here and nutley street east toward the beltway, below speed. the inner loop is congested between braddock and 66 and 95 still on the slow side, dale city toward newington and springfield to duke street on 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. redskins running back clinton portis is apologizing for making remarks recently involving the incident in new york. the female journalist inez sainz tweeted that she felt uncomfortable to the jets practice facility. portis chimed in and you could hear some of the comments that
7:33 am
are considered to be politically incorrect. >> you put women reporters in the locker room in the position to see guys walking around naked and you share the locker room with 53 guys. all of a sudden you see a nice woman in the locker room and i think [ inaudible ] going to say something to that woman. and you give a woman a choice of 53 athletes, somebody has go to [ inaudible ] or she's going to want somebody. i don't know what kind of woman won't. >> redskins spokesperson said in part saying that the redskins have a clear and unambiguous policy about this and will take the necessary steps to remind everyone about it. one of the biggest surprises on the national primary scene, last night was
7:34 am
christine o'donnell's win over mike cassel. o'donnell's win was fueled by the tea party will not receive the backing from the republican establish. despite winning the nomination for republicans from the senate seat. for more on what this means, our democratic specialist peter fenn and our republican strategist jim innocenzi. good to see you. >> nice to see you as well. >> let's start with what happened in delaware. she gots the nomination and then the republicans say we're not going to back you come november. what does this mean? jim, i have to start with you? how can this be happening within the same party? >> i think mike cassel is well liked but everybody forgets he got elected in 1966. peter, i think you turned 40 back then. but i think it means, i think the party is making a mistake
7:35 am
to be honest with you, because washington doesn't get that america wants change right now and message does matter. and her message was about change. now peter is going to come back and say she's crazy, she has a lot of baggage. but here is what the voters said. they said, we hear you, but we don't want what is in washington right now and she's speaking our language. she may have baggage and may be played -- flawed, but we like you better. it's going to be a hard race for her. but don't underestimate the fact that the voters want change. you saw it here in the district of columbia last night in the mayor's race and i think you'll see that it's bad news for the democrats because the incumbents are thinking i've been here for a while. >> and there is in-fighting within the group. >> the trouble with this for the republicans is that it is
7:36 am
not an isolated incident. jim is right that message matters. but candidates matter. this woman didn't pay her taxes. this woman was called a liar by the chairman of the republican party. he said she could not get elected dog catcher in that state. they started with paul, but here is against civil rights and in vincibility laws and clearly way out there. they did the same thing in nevada and alaska with murkowski. but the trouble is this is going to the extreme right. we're not just talking conservatives, we're talking about folks that are way, way out of the mainstream. i think for the republicans, hate to give them advice, but they would have been a lot better with mike cassel in delaware. and if you look at the polls, he was way ahead, she's way, way behind. so what the republican national
7:37 am
committee are going to do is say, all right, we don't want these people defining who we are and that's a big issue. and it wasn't just -- yesterday was tough. i mean in new york, rick hasyo, who probably didn't stand a chance against cuomo, was defeated by a tee party candidate. but if i were a republican i would say they have hijacked the republican party. >> but what does this mean for november? can these candidates garner enough support to put a republican in the different seats? >> i think so. peter talked about nevada, engel and harry reid are even. harry reid is under 50%. and what you see is what you get in the polls with the incumbent. if they are under 50% the undecided voters tend to vote for the opponent. so in this case, with harry reid, everybody knows him and
7:38 am
don't like him and he won't win. you look at a lot of the races right now and frankly, i think, peter, you can cast apercents on -- as per shuns on them, but there are some mainstream. >> in delaware, the folks are way out of the mainstream. mitch mcconnell in one sense was salivating at the fact that he would be majority leader and get the ten seats. but if it happens, with some of these folks he's going to be at the bar scene from star wars. >> that's way over the top. >> okay, all right. >> look at the democratic caucus right now. >> and in new york we saw representative rangel who has been under this cloud of suspicion amid the allegations
7:39 am
of ethics violations. he wins his seat again. first time hhad to do out and -- to go out and shake hands. but he won and was that a surprise? >> i don't think so. first of all he has multiple candidates in that race. i was a little surprised by the margin of victory. he got over 50% of the vote. the next highest was ironically adam clayton powell iv. >> what year is this? >> and he beat adam clayton powell with an ethics campaign. and so he did win the race handily. and jim is probably salivating. >> and let me ask you, when you have a candidate going ins a deficit, what does this mean for the race coming up later, the bigger race. >> well i don't think the republicans have a chance. that's a democratic district. whom ever wins the democratic primary will win the election. >> and will it weaken the
7:40 am
perception of the public. >> yeah, i think it goes back to the peter analogy of the star wars bar. that tells you something about their party, right? >> barack obama got 92% of the vote in that district. i think they'll be fine. >> that's where he's representing harlem. and we'll see ehrlich. >> murphy got 25% of the vote. you'll have an interesting race. it was very close. >> and it will be interesting to see if bob ehrlich can tie o'malley to barack obama. because you've seen a lot of the candidates if governor's races are being tied to the president of the united states. if he can do that successfully, it will be a close race. and there will be a lot of toss-
7:41 am
ups, it will be a long, late night on november 4th. but it might be an early night for democrats. they might go to bed and leave the champagne on ice, baby. >> and i'll tell you about last night, it does make me feel a little bit more confident. it's a tough night, no question, but more confident because of the nominees. this gives us a break. a lot of republicans are angry about delaware because they were on the cusp of getting the ten seats. karl rove said now i'm looking at 7 or 8 seats and i'm not sure we can do it with the delaware problem and nevada. >> but that's conventional wisdom and that's wrong. >> maybe we'll do all right. >> jim, work on the a comeback for the bar scene. that was a good one. >> okay. >> thanks. and the big story in the district is council chair vincent gray's win over mayor
7:42 am
fenty in the democratic primary. we'll have reaction from the man who is all but assured to become d.c.'s next mayor. stay with us. n
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that's donovan mcnabb at the deanwood rec center in northeast, kicking off a fight of obesity in the district. he's joined by a couple of teammates. there is the big man on the defense, all 350 pounds of him. kids rotated between health screening, cheer stations and nutrition. and if mr. chemo oughtu can get up and be that active at 350, there is no excuse for anybody else to not do it. >> that's good stuff. i need to make a correction because in the last report i talked about igor or karl, i
7:46 am
said they were going in a northeasterly direction. they're going in a northwesterly direction. >> i was going to call you on that but i was like, oh, should i. a couple of degree off but i didn't want to say anything. >> you were ordering breakfast. well let's look at what is going on out there. we have temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it is 62 degrees here. up to the north, check it out, new york city. binghamton, 45. pittsburgh, p.a., steve, 57. >> getting cold out. >> yes. here is a look at the surface map. sunny skies today. a big "h" in the sky standing for high pressure. it will be warm and nice. our normal high of 80 degrees, i think we'll be above that. your five-day forecast, high
7:47 am
today about 83 degrees, sunny and humidity levels comfortable. and tomorrow some clouds build in and we'll see showers possibly tomorrow night and into thursday. high of 85. friday a gradual clearing of 80. right now the weekend looks great. redskins play at home again on sunday afternoon. houston texans come to town. that will be a tough one. it should be -- right now it looks like it will be partly sunny and in the 80s. >> that will be great. >> a good afternoon. >> and the flags were on the car when they won and now i want to see the flags on the car whether they win or lose. >> every week the flags will be on the car, win or lose. >> i can't believe it either. >> they will be. what is going on on the roads julie. >> a lot of break lights. busy along 270, slow downs in germantown continuing to keep you on the brakes toward mva and gee lays -- delays leaving 28 to the lane divide. southbound 29 on and off the
7:48 am
brakes to the beltway and the accident on the bw park waif at 197 -- parkway they just cleared that a few moments ago. 395 coming across the 14th street bridge, all of the lanes are open. no accidents have been reported. just heavy and steady as you work across the potomac and southeast washington, south capitol street, 295 on the brakes as you approach the 11th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. j lo has signed on to be a judge on american idol for a year. that's according to tmz. the website is reporting that lopez signed a one-year deal with idol for just a little over $12 million. let's just pause and reflect. >> not a bad year. >> lopez is expected to appear on the judge's panel for auditions next week. >> what do you think about that? >> i think it's a good choice. she's a hit-maker and knows how
7:49 am
to entertain. >> we'll find out here on fox. and prince george's county and back at national harbor. >> holly has more on their show. >> reporter: it's good to be back and it's even more fun when you come back to cirque du soleil. at national harbor. do you know they have 250 costumes for this show? we're taking you behind the scenes to wardrobe, but first we'll tell you how to come and see the show. that's next at fox 5 morning news. ou
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7:52 right now. the cirque du soleil show is here at national harbor. i saw this last week and it's phenomenal. highly recommend it. >> for the rest of us, holly is behind the scenes to find out more about the show. >> you will want to go, al. >> i do want to go. >> reporter: good morning. the question is, steve, have you seen a cirque du soleil that is not phenomenal. >> yes. and every time you see one you think it is more phenomenal tan the -- than the last one you saw. >> reporter: it's amazing.
7:53 am
they started as 20 street performers and now they have 21 shows running simultaneously with some 1500 performers from 50 different countries and we are fortunate enough to have one of the versions here in our area at the national harbor. and this is the version of the insect world and what a version it is. and one of the key people to bringing this ecosystem to life is steve armstrong because he is the head of wardrobe. good morning to you, steve. >> good morning. >> reporter: i've never seen an inspect like that. >> it's one of the little scare abs we have in north america. >> reporter: it is colorful. and it is always vibrant. and take us into your closet here. >> here we have the backups for the show. we have also another set of costumes at their place for the performance. >> so you have a backup for
7:54 am
every costume. >> yes. in case of emergency. >> reporter: well these costumes get a lot of workout. >> especially our famous crickets. >> reporter: and let's talk about them. >> they are the fast track artists but throughout the show they are doing a lot of queues, help out other artists that set up their gear on stage and all of that. >> reporter: what material is this? >> this is a meeted poll -- a meeted polyester. >> reporter: and you were saying this evolved throughout the show -- >> yes. they don't have the cricket lights on them but throughout the show they have the big legs that make them look caterpillar looking or grasshopper, and so they remove it and then go on the wall. >> reporter: and this is the
7:55 am
head gear? >> yes. this is with its bubbly eyes that look like the -- >> look like a crickit. >> it takes hours. for cutting, sewing and finalizing. >> reporter: and now do you walk with performers in coming up with what works with them. >> we do a lot of tests during creation. we do prototypes and test them and then they tell us this works and this doesn't. and then we adjust throughout the creation pros less and then we says that how the costume is going to look. >> reporter: and what's the craziest costume in the show? >> i think the crickits are the craziest. all of the props that go with it from the apps to the legs. >> reporter: and how much does
7:56 am
a costume on any given night need to be fixed. >> basically every single costume is checked every day. the one we work on the most is the cricket and so for sure they take the toll. >> reporter: is this your bible? >> yeah, that's the bible that tells us how the costumes should lever every single day. >> reporter: thank you for giving us a behind the scenes closet look. cirque du soleil is going on here through november 24th. we have a link to their website at they have shows six days a week. they are dark on monday but ey do have two shows a day on friday, saturday, sunday and even added some second shows on thursdays so check out nine and see when you can come out and experience it for yourself. but in the next hour we'll talk with the artistic director about the show.
7:57 am
back to you guys. it's 7:56 on this wednesday morning. new this morning, chuck e cheese recalling more than a million toys. details coming up after 8:00. and then nasa is testing out the new rover in arizona where they say the topography is just like in space. we are live there when fox 5 morning news returns. 4 minutes now before -- before 8:00. we'll be right back. 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
thank you, district of columbia. [ cheering and applause ] >> vincent gray celebrating a big win, defeating incumbent fenty. we'll have your primary wrap-up ahead this hour. and then crash-strapped virginia is pushing for a shorter workweek for employees. we'll show you how it could save the state big money. and some time and money- saving advice. find out how often you really have to get your car's oil changed. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and we're happy to bring you that news you can use. some say 3,000 and some say 5,000. >> very interesting news. >> and also the four-day
8:01 am
workweek. that's good too. >> i like that. all of that ahead, but meanwhile you'll like this too. the weather forecast. not a bad one. a fine start to the day and it will be a beautiful day. right now at reagan national we have a temperature of 62 degrees. relative humidity is at 70%. the winds are out of the north at 5 miles per hour. barometric pressure is on the rise. and that means calm conditions today. skies are clear. there are clouds down to the south but for the most part skys are clear and that's the way it will be today. a lot of sunshine. so your forecast looks like this: mostly sunny, a cool morning but a warm afternoon, high about 83 degrees. and not particularly humid either. i think we'll see the humidity drop. well we always do. so it's going to be a decent day today. not too bad at all. there you go. we'll have more later. >> tony, thank you. >> let's check in with julie and get a look at traffic at 8:00. it's a busy commute traveling in the district.
8:02 am
inbound new york avenue commuting from northeast to northwest. slow at the bladensberg road and the entrance to the third street tunnel. slow from college park through silver spring. no problems to report right now southbound on i-95 leaving laurel toward the beltway. you're also going to find inbound 50 jammed up from 410 out of riverdale and to northeast and from kenilworth. slow traffic at eastern and toward east capital street. no problems to report right now at the wilson bridge where all of your lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the last votes are still being counted but it is clear that vincent gray has won the democratic primary in the race for d.c. mayor. >> with 90% of precincts reporting the city council chair is beating fenty 53% to 46%. gray's victory virtually guarantees he will be the next mayor of d.c. since there is no republican running. matt acland joins us with more on this. >> reporter: it seems like everyone is getting up this
8:03 am
morning, putting on the news, listening to the radio and now talking about this race. a lot of people went to bad last night and simply couldn't wait for the results because they took so long and they went to bed not knowing. one reason is too so long is the board of elections is telling us this morning is that it simply took it's time when it came to voting -- or releasing the numbers from all of the precincts. remember they had some new technology in place last night. so they wanted to make sure everything was just perfect. so right around 2:00 this morning chairman gray decided well it's time to go out and then face all of my supports and tell them thank you. and that's exactly what he did. he was at a local hotel near union station where he thanked his supporters. and he basically said, let's all come together. it's been a long campaign and it's been hard-fought but it's time as district residents to
8:04 am
come together as one city. >> we were outraces, were outfit. we were outnumbered, but we were not outworked. >> reporter: we have been trying to get ahold of the gray and fenty campaign. we're trying to figure out we were told or read in the associated press that mayor fenty conceded the primary election to gray. but we are told that some kind of call was expected to be made this morning. we're not sure at this point if the mayor has called vincent gray yet or not. we're still trying to ascertain that. and we plan to get an interview with the board of elections within the next hour and ask them what happened last night and then see if everything went as planned or if they could have done things a little more quickly. we should have that interview for you, allison and steve, coming up at 9:00. back to you guys. >> matt, thank you very much. we have somebody from the
8:05 am
-- councilman gray's staff. joining us, the senior advisor to vincent gray. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> and has mayor fenty conceded at this point, has there been a phone call between he and council chair gray. >> as far as i know, i don't think any phone calls have happened yet. i haven't spoken with chairman gray since about 2:00 or 2:30 this morning when i left the hotel. i don't think the call has been made yet. >> congratulations to everybody involved in the campaign and now the soon-to-be put-together staff. and what do you think led to the win? >> i think it was a couple of things. i think there are a growing number of people in the district that were feeling marginalized and disenfranchised and gray was able to become a voice for those people and their hopes over what the next four years can look like.
8:06 am
we're looking at the agenda about what he would do to keep school reform growing and what he would do about the jobless and unemployment wrong. how to put an end to pay-to- play politics. and i think it was a combination of things and a lot of hard work and knocking on a lot of doors that put us over the top. >> would you say those are the top priorities now for council chair gray? >> yeah, i think so. i think there is a 10% unemployment problem, 30% in some parts of the city. that is a huge issue. people are concerned about school reform and how it's done moving forward. people are worried about the growing number of crimes in a lot of neighborhoods and i think they're worried about
8:07 am
cronyism and pay-to-play politics. so those are the main issues moving forward, assuming he went to general election and just being collaborate and getting people engaged in the process so they feel like they have a stake in it is going to be a key goal as well. >> and we heard over and over during the campaign that people didn't feel involved with mayor fenty's process any more, that he was leading to the division in the city. that's a hard thing to take on. are there real steps to make everyone feel as though they have a stake and a voice in the district. >> reporter: well, yeah. and throughout the campaign he talked about specific measures he would take in each of the policy areas we talked about. i think you'll see him taking simple measures, like holding a lot of town hall meetings where people can come and talk and more importantly he can listen to what they want him to do. he will make it more transparent than it may have
8:08 am
been over the last four years. those are the simple steps a mayor can take to keep people engaged in the process. and one thing he wants to keep stressing, assuming he went to general election, his door will always be open to the people in the district of columbia so their voice will be heard but at some point he'll make a tough decision but not until he's had a chance to hear from people. >> mo, real quick, when we spoke with gray, he said the big topics, like education, he didn't want to announce any plan until after the election. do you think we'll hear more details on those plans before we get to the general election in november? >> i don't think he'll talk about specific appointments. he still has one more election to win. i think he is going to start thinking about those more seriously now and talking with people. i know everyone is wandering what will do with mic rhee. i think he'll speak with her in
8:09 am
the coming days. and we'll sew where they go -- so i think we'll see where they go forward. we'll see the types of people he appointed for the positions. >> thank you for getting up early on your four hours of sleep. we appreciate it. >> thank you. a bit of a ruckus broke out at the fenty administration as someone crashed through a plate glass window. and here is -- >> reporter: those were the people that were -- oh, my gosh. don't get too frightened. somebody leaned against the glass and it broke out. >> that volunteer fell through a 9 by 9-foot window and was bleeding through the head but was able to walk to the ambulance. a small ruckus broke out when
8:10 am
campaign supporters tried to block media during the aftermath. and baker beat several challengers. >> one of them was sheriff michael jackson. baker won with 44%. michael jackson got 33% of the vote and samuel dean got 13%. and let's go to stacy cohan live outside of the county administration building this morning. stacy. >> reporter: well good morning, again. and the moral here i guess is if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. baker tried three times and the third time was the magic number, succeeding last night in securing the victory. his closest competitor was michael jackson who was endorsed by jack johnson. that was not enough to put him over the top and there was quite a celebration on part of baker. baker had, prior to running for county executive, served many years on the state delegation in annapolis. he said one of the priority is bridging the gap between county and state government to helping
8:11 am
-- to help prince george's get out of the economic slump and to spur education and crime reduction. here is what he had to say about the job ahead. >> we feel really good about where we are right now, the campaign came through. we knew we were doing well in all sections of the county and we talked about this add nazi um, the education system and creating jobs and that's what i want to do as county executive. i have some great partners so i'm looking forward it. i can't wait to get back in there and party with the people who made it happen. >> reporter: well he's ready to go back to work this morning at 11:00. we expect a call from him in largo and we'll bring you everything he had to say. i'm stacy cohan, fox 5 news. >> and we have up to the minute numbers at >> you'll find it on the home page. up next, information on two
8:12 am
developing stories overnight. >> one, a hostage situation in prince george's county and the other is the search for a burglary suspect or suspects that kept some montgomery county resident as wake overnight. and chuck e cheese recalling more than 1 million toys this morning and we'll tell you why. and more on why virginia is pushing for a shorter workweek for its state workers. fox 5 morning news will be right back. it's about 8:12 now.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
it's 8:15. time for a look at stories making headlines this morning. a hostage standoff in forestville, maryland, now in the 10th hour. a man walked into the home on richboro road and got into an argument with a woman and has been holding her. police say this is a domestic situation. montgomery county police are searching for more suspects in a burglary attempt and car theft from around 2:00 this morning in the area of river road and goldsboro in bethesda. police got a call about
8:16 am
suspects lurking near a home. they fled in a stolen vehicle when officers arrived. so far one person has been arrested. an important recall for parents as chuck e cheese is recalling 1.2 million light-up rings and toy eyeglasses. there are concerns that children could swallow the small battery inside the toys and that could lead to stomach, in testin or esophagus problems. it is 8:15 and we want to turn our attention to tony with the forecast -- plus. >> the my first 5 photo of the day. >> and i want to set this up. the young person you're about to see, he overheard his dad saying i have a photo session at the job and he said i want to go with you and be photographed as well. so here is the my first 5 photo of the day. let's show it. >> i thought so. >> the perkins man. it is my son connor, who turns 7 years old today. >> happy birthday.
8:17 am
>> happy birthday, connor. i love the picture. he wanted to get dressed up. he chose his outfit with a suit and a tie and a polo shirt, which is how i'd like to dress one day for the show. but he turns 7 years old. which i can't believe. happy birthday, connor. you're a great little boy. and i love the photo. >> that's wonderful. >> he's a cutie. >> and a nice young man, too. >> yes, he is. and i has -- he has a great sense of humor. and a personal my first 5 photo, thanks for letting me do that today. happy birthday, connor. and temperature at airports, 65 at reagan national. dulles is at 58, 59 at bwi marshall. and the satellite radar composite looks fine. nothing going on. mostly clear skies across the
8:18 am
region and we will for the bulk of the day. it's going to be mostly sunny, not bad at all. our next chance at precip is tomorrow night. high today 83 degrees. i think the humidity levels are going to be comfortable. tomorrow clouds begin to build in during the day and then we could see some rain showers thursday night and into early friday. high of about 85. friday, clouds early part of the day. then they start to clear out. 80 for the high. and right now the weekend looks great. saturday and sunday, 80 on saturday and 83 on sunday. sunny on saturday. mostly sunny on sunday. that's a look at the weather. more coming up in a little bit. right now let's get an update on traffic with julie wright. >> so is there going to be a big party for connor's birthday. >> yes, of course. >> and that means a big cake. >> and we wanted to make sure that the kids ate the cake, so, yes, there is going to be a big party for the kids. >> well i'm about the same height when i take off my heels, doesn't that count?
8:19 am
that should get me a finger in the icing. happy birthday connor. braddock road up to 66, still a mess, delays from centreville into the beltway. and out of herndon, on the dulles toll road, a crash on the shoulder. 270 gridlocked. inching along south of mva and toward 370. more slow traffic south of 28 toward the split with no relief in sight. southbound stewart lane slow toward four corners and the same on the bw parkway. 395 across the 14th street bridge, heavy volume here but stalled car in the left lane before the exit for the third street tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. a proposal to save money in virginia could be a nice treat. a commission is suggesting a four-day workweek for many state workers. >> that kind of change will have an impact on everybody in virginia. and as beth parker shows us, the governor will decide if this idea is a go. >> reporter: a flick of the
8:20 am
switch could save money. virginia governor bob mcdonnell may give state employees a four- day workweek. >> i wish i could do that. >> reporter: that's four ten- hour days and fridays off. >> what is that supposed to prove. >> they said it would save money. >> yeah, right. i don't buy that. >> reporter: in richmond, the department of planning and budget estimate it's would save $3 million, half in energy costs. state of utah implemented a four-day workweek in 2008. they didn't save as much as predicted but they did save. a spokesperson from utah said they were surprised to see they saved money in overtime. they're theory is when people are working a longer day they are watching the clock and after the minutes tick by and their time is over, they're ready to go. >> we actually work an extra hour during the summer so we get out half day on friday. and i don't want to say any time after the 9 hours we are
8:21 am
there on the week. >> people get cranky. particularly in government service. you don't want them there for ten hours. >> no. they need a break. >> reporter: it applies to 25 state agencies and not effect the dmv, but other offices would be closed on fridays. >> i could see it being inconvenient. but if the budget is such that that needs to happen ... >> i go out of my way not to visit any state offices because i do everything online. >> reporter: that's open 24/7. in virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. and if you're looking for work, check out the job shop on and our job of the day is at mark park valet, looking for a part-time valet for special events. pay is 8:25 an hour plus tips. that usually averages out to between $10 to $15 an hour. for more information on this job and many others go to and click on the job shop tab on the top of our home page. 8:21 on this wednesday morning.
8:22 am
still ahead, we have some time and money-saving advice. find out how often you really have to get your car's oil changed. plus we'll check back in with holly who is getting a preview of the new cirque du soleil show. it's called oboe. we'll be back. n
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8:24 am
8:25 am
one of the two international students hit by a car in adams morgan last week has died. julia bach lighter died yesterday. she and another woman were hit in a traffic island by a car that crashed into a restaurant. adams could face serious charges as early as today. the other woman hit is recovering. and in florida, police are looking for the clues of the murder of an alexandria business man. samuel dell bako was found dead in his home over the weekend. he lived there part-time and commuted back and forth to alexandria where he was president and ceo of pci communications. police haven't released the cause of death but say an autopsy confirms it was a
8:26 am
homicide. special honors for dorothy hite. eleanor holmes norton is offering to name a post office after her. she was the long time president of the national council of negro women. she died earlier this year. norton calls height's impact on american society immeasurable. if it passes, she will be the first african-american woman to have a public building named in her honor. it is now 8:26. tourists in paris missed out on going to the top of the eifel tower yesterday. it was evacuated. find out why when we come back and check out some of the other stories making headlines. and then nasa is testing out its new rover in arizona where they say the topography is just like it is up in space. we are live there when fox 5 morning news returns.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
it is 8:29 right now. let's take a look at stories making headlines this morning. the american hiker released
8:30 am
from an iran jail is resting in aman. she was greeted by her mother last night. she was let go after a deal for $500,000 bail. her fiance and friend are still being held on spying charges. in paris, france, the eifel tower is now open after a bomb scare. police searched but did not find any explosives. no one claimed responsibilities but there were bomb scares at two other tourist spots in paris. and it's part of the game day experience, getting stuck in traffic to and from the stadium. they don't like parking either. >> well once your parked its okay. >> well when it comes to the worst in the nation, the fedex field, we are number one. a study by tom tom, the gps folks, found d.c. has the worst traffic delays in the nation around game time. searchers say fans are forced to drive 50% slower than they would on any other day.
8:31 am
>> that's what happens when you take the beltway to get to a ballgame. it is 8:30. if you wondered into the arizona desert you might think you are in the x files. you'd be seeing nasa science at work. conditions in arizona are similar to what nasa says they will encounter on the moon in future missions. we have mike hite with us this morning. >> good morning to you. >> i know it's bright and early for you in arizona. talk about the missions and how you can use the topography in arizona to similar things you might see in real life where nasa goes. >> okay, so what we're trying to do is understand how to explore the lower orbit with the destination of mars and we're simulating a mission and we're using these new class of vehicles that we call the space
8:32 am
exploration vehicle that the crews live in for multiple weeks at a time. and they have space suits on the back that you can just step into, so you can actually be drinking a cup of coffee on the inside of the rover and looking at the rocks and geography and in ten minutes you can be boots on the surface and sampling the geography. >> it amazes us, with the first space capsules, just how tight the quarters are in so many of the vehicles and crafts that nasa uses. what would a living arrangement be like inside one of these vehicles? >> so i would describe the living arrangements as luxurious. we put a lot of detail into it and thought. they are just the right size. the front seats fold down so you end up with this long bunk that is 7 feet long. there is curtains that fall out of the ceiling that give you private sleep stations that are sound and light proof.
8:33 am
we have the waste management facilities, cooking facility. so everything that you need, including exercise devices in this small volume. and we gut out and do space walks three or four times a day, so it's not like your stuck in the can for two weeks. >> what can you learn from arizona? >> so what we learned from arizona is all of the subtleties of how we manage and traverse and protect for rescuing each other with two rovers and how we process the scientistic information and we have a large team of scientists analyzing this information in near realtime in planning the traverses and all of this tells us the level of communications we need, the kind of infrastructure we need and we learn the lessons on earth so we can optimize the assets out in space. >> it's just fascinating to think about it and it seems like it's almost a dream but i know the hope is to make this reality on a mission to mars at some point. do you have a hopeful timetable
8:34 am
as to when you could use these vehicles in a mission like that? >> yeah, right now we're on target to go to nearest asteroids with vehicles like this that we call the space exploration vehicle and instead of having wheels they have a reaction controlled jet system. and that's roughly 2025. and then mars is beyond that. and i am personally hoping to get into high gear and beat those dates and i think with the team here at nasa, that's a possibility. >> and it seems like 10-15 years in the future isn't that far away. so we hope that you get there and get there soon and we appreciate you showing us around the future and what nasa is working on. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> he calls it luxury living and compared to the smithsonian and you look at space capsules, it is luxury living compared to that. but you wonder in years if that
8:35 am
will still be luxury living. >> and what they don't tell you is that out in arizona the temperature is 100 degrees. >> compared to the temperature on mars. >> temperatures get kind of hot and then they get real cold. and every year i complain we have two nice weeks of weather and this is one of them. >> love this weather. i think most of us do. 65 degrees at reagan national. another cool overnight. temperatures running in the upper 50s and low 60s. quantico is 58. 59 in hagerstown. 62 in winchester, 61 in fredericksberg. annapolis is 64. and leonardtown, good morning to you, 64 as well. temperatures in the low to mid- 80s and we'll do that again today. and a very quiet weather pattern conts. a lot of sunshine out there and the winds out of the north and west, breezy yesterday, should be lightning up. a nice afternoon and a few fair weather clouds moving through during the course of the day.
8:36 am
out to the west, not a lot happening. at least in the ohio valley. well out to the west, this is our next storm system and an area of the storm system dragging off to the north and west of us. but we have a -- tomorrow night is the best chance for any rain. we need the rain around here. and we need some into the overnight hours. tomorrow 83 degrees. winds light out of the forth and west at 5-10 miles per hour. later tonight, just a few clouds in the forecast. 61 for the overnight low with winds out of the north and east at 5 miles per hour. good looking five-day forecast. 85 tomorrow. increasing clouds. and there is your shower activity. and right now saturday and sunday be just fine. 83 on saturday, 83 on sunday for the football game at fedex field. that's a look at the forecast. allison, back over to you. tropical storm karl
8:37 am
prompting mexico to issue warnings along the resort beaches warnings also issued in parts of belize. right now the storm has sustained winds at 65 miles per hour. hurricane julia and igor are category fours and those storms are not expected to make landfall. the death toll from flooding caused by the remnants of tropical storm hermine has gone up now to eight. authorities in texas found two more bodies yesterday. one person was swept away when her suv went off her road and another vehicle was found in a lake. and it's 87 on this wednesday morning. there is a new tell-all book about the salahis and we'll tell you about that when we come back. and then you have until noon today to vote for the high school football game of the week. to vote for your favorite go to and click on
8:38 am
sports. and we'll be out live at the winning matchup tomorrow night. stay with us. 8:37 now. rdcs
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8:40 am
8:41 am
infamous white house party crasher and d.c. housewife store michaele salahi dishing medical secrets. she claims to suffer from multiple sclerosis and forced her to leave the white house dinner early that night. she said the condition explains her thin, rail frame and not a rumored eating disorder. but m.s. experts say the disease does not typically cause you to lose weight. the tell-all book was written by diane diamond and hits store shelves today. diamond said she found no evidence that salahi was a redskins cheerleader as she had once claimed. well it's almost flu season and pregnant women should get their flu shots. that is the advice from leading searchers. any kind of flu is risky for mother and baby, but last year's swine flu pandemic brought extra attention for the
8:42 am
need to the vaccine. this year we go back to the one dose of flu vaccine which also protects against swine flu. and up next, we have time and money-saving advice. >> find out how often you really need to get your oil changed in your car. holly, good morning. >> reporter: if you really want to be wowed and entertained then come out and see cirque du soleil's oboe in town. and this morning we're getting a sneak peek behind the scene. coming up, we'll talk about how they do indeed create the cirque du soleil magic. stay with us.
8:43 am
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so when i score... you score. gimme a fashionista... i'll make her a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. check us out on facebook for a chance to win a 500 dollar shopping spree!
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welcome back. drivers have been trained and drilled in our heads to get the oil changed every 3,000 miles but if reality some vehicles
8:46 am
can go 5,000 or even 10,000 miles before oil change. and join us ed kinston from triple-a atlantic. now i was raised, after 16 my dad was like every 3,000 miles the oil is -- it was drilled into my head. this might be a myth, right? we might not need it so frequently. >> depending upon the car, the way you drive, and the kind of oil that you use, you may still be at 3,000 miles. >> so what is the best case scenario that we can push it to 5,000 miles, maybe even more? if i drive a 1999 car, am i getting in on this or is this just for the newer cars? >> no. if you drive a 1999 car, for example, if you spend enough time on the highway, where it basically gets rid of the condensation inside the engine, you can extend your driving time, or extend your driving interval, before you change the oil. if you are a person who does very short trips all of the time, it very rarely ever gets
8:47 am
up on the highway, it's probably not a good idea to take and extend it. >> okay. now we're seeing some graphs. before we get to the graphic, i want to ask that sometimes we think our dealer isn't going to be -- this is money out of their pocket. not a whole lot, but how can we find out? should we be able to go to our mechanic or dealer and say, realistically, how can i push this oil change, the timetable? >> well i'll give you an example of my vehicle. i spend a lot of time on the road. i have a large territory that i cover. so i spend a bit of time on the highway where i'll get rid of a lot of the condensation and contaminants while i'm driving. but i also change my oil from a straight petroleum-based oil to a blend between petroleum based and synthetic. and i take and do my interval on my car at 5,000 miles. >> but, ed, you are an expert.
8:48 am
how do i know? >> that's basically the way to look at it. upgrade the oil that you are using, take and make sure that you spend time on the highway to get rid of the contaminants and raise it to 5,000 miles if it's a suggested 3,000-mile oil change. >> we're looking at the list now. and i'll just say, i'm looking for a 3,000-mile in there. the hyundai sonata and the nissan altima, and that's at 3700 plus miles and that's going back to 2,000. the volkswagen jetta, 5,000 miles. but the 2005 honda accord, 10,000 miles, how is that possible? >> it's straight synthetic oil. >> and when we go, should we be telling our mechanic or the dealer, this is the kind of oil i want in my car. are you talking about getting the oil and doing it yourself. >> you can do it either way.
8:49 am
just tell them that you want a blend, petroleum oil and synthetic. or a straight synthetic oil. now the other part of this is that straight synthetic oil in a car with a 3,000-mile oil change and you change it at 5,000 miles is wasted money. >> need a little guidance on this. so you're driving along and your oil light comes on and it's coming on at 3500 miles, perhaps it could stretch a little longer. how do you know and when that oil light comes on, is that the car telling you, help, i need some -- as my dad calls it blood -- i can't live without oil. >> most of the time it's a mile programmed light. at 3500 miles it will tell you, because you've gone through 3500 miles since the last time it was set. some of the upper-line cars have an oil condition sensor. but there is not a whole lot of those out there. >> so when your light comes on in your car, that's when you need to get your oil changes.
8:50 am
>> that's when you are supposed to, yes. >> ed christian from triple-a mid-atlantic. a new cirque du soleil show is coming to town. you'll probably see the big top. holly is live with the show they called oboe. >> reporter: we have both seen this and it's absolutely spectacular. and if you are talking literally about what it means. it means egg in portuguese. but nothing is simple when it comes to cirque du soleil and that symbolizes so much more and it's the underlying theme. the whole cycle of life. and the person responsible for pulling all of the artistic side together is marion van duceen is who is the artistic director. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: so tell me in a
8:51 am
nutshell, what your job is. >> well my job is to oversee the 54 artists that we have on the show and the artistic team and i manage and direct the daily routine. so the training, the rehearsal and i make sure the show is in tip-top shape. if i feel we need an extra shape up on a certain scene, we plan rehearsals and i make sure everyone is on top of their day. >> reporter: which is a big job. because when you talk about the different countries and people that do things different ways and how do you mesh that together? >> well that comes very natural. because we do have 16 different nationalities in the cast but everybody speaks the language of the theater. so if ever i kind find the words, i use my body. and there is always somebody to help translate if it's complicated. >> reporter: and this is one of my favorite acts of the night. i just thought the girls were
8:52 am
charming and their skills were amazing. and so it looks like they can do it no problem. but how long do they have to train to keep up to form? >> every day. every day, in between city, and literally they train many hours a day, every day. >> reporter: how has the show been different than member other -- than the other ones you've been involved in. >> because it's brazilian mostly. there is a lot of brazilian flavor which is new to circque. it was created by a woman. >> reporter: i knew it. >> i feel the same way. and yes, it's a very simple story. lying underneath there, that is the egg and that symbolizes life. and it's the story of two insects falling in love.
8:53 am
everyone can relate to that. and the difference is there are no human characters. >> reporter: and they speak their own language, yet as an audience member you totally understand what they are saying. how did you come up with the language? >> that was a lot of research. we did a lot of movement research workshops. we watched a movie based really just on insects and it's zoomed in so can you can -- so you can see a cricket. you can come into an environment of insects, and they are people, and they have master so well they're only family. their cute and fast and working and carrying things on their backs and this is something that has cost -- up to two to three years and we're still evolving. and i can see that the next
8:54 am
five years will still evolve and get better. >> reporter: and so means you can come and see it again, and again. >> and that means giving new notes. and thank you for your time this morning. >> reporter: is our website. they're dark on mondays but have multiple shows on the weekend so check out the schedule and find out the best time to come and experience it yourself. coming up in the next hour, i think we have some performers coming out. >> holly, i found out, that as the show wept on, it just got better and better. the last act is phenomenal. an fda panel said cough searups -- syrups have a recommendation and what you should know coming up next here
8:55 am
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he is back now. the man who created that wrap about arlington. well once again he is showing his talent this time with the metro rap. here you go. ♪ wake up in the morning and i have to get dressed. head to the metro station and i grab the express. people say it's nothing doing but commuting is the only place where you can get the flu and groped. people stopping at the bottom estes calator makes you think can a person with no brains ever stop and think. i just missed the train, but it's going to be fine because there's a two-car train 20 minutes behind. >> we've all been there. you might recall, he made a huge splash on the net with the arlington rap last year. if you would like to hear his new metro rap, you can do so at and click on web
8:59 am
links. let's turn things over to tony and allison to take us up to 10:00. >> he is clever. good morning, steve. here is what we are working on for the next hour. residents have made their choice in the democratic primary for mayor. we're live with reaction to the winner vincent gray. and we have the latest on the move to limit what is in your medicine cabinet. and the cota is here at the station. we'll look at and tell you when it will be available here in our area. >> nice looking. >> it looks like any other sedan. and tucker barnes is joining us and he told me this is his perfect kind of day. >> you lo this kind of day? >> we all do, don't we. >> some like it hotter. >> i know one person in


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